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Clinesmith Steel Guitars

Last year I purchased the remaining original steel guitar parts—including aluminum patterns, dies, jigs, pickup patterns, vintage spools of copper pickup wire, pickup magnets, the blade pickup pattern, fingerboards, knobs, endplates, endplate handles, and more—that were built and used by Paul A. Bigsby in his steel guitars. From the late '40s through early '60s, these were the same components in the steel guitars used by Western Swing and Country musicians such as Joaquin Murphy, Vance Terry, Speedy West, and Bud Isaacs.

I've been working with pattern makers, aluminum foundries, machinists, and other owners of original instruments. Using my inventory of NOS parts as well as my own parts, I have built several Clinesmith Steel Guitars inspired by these classic instruments.

As with my Resonator Guitars, I use only the best materials. The woods are high figure Birdseye and Curly Maple, and I'm also using the finest hand-polished cast aluminum parts.

I am now offering double 8-string and triple 8-string steel guitars with wood or aluminum necks. I also offer 10-string necks, and I'm now making a single neck lap guitar.

Call for details or email for high-rez photos, but here are my general prices:

  • Double 8 non-pedal = $4000
  • Triple 8 non-pedal = $4750
  • 10-String instead of 8 add $100 per neck
  • Wood Neck (instead of aluminum) add $250 per neck
  • Custom Hardshell Case included
  • Pedals: call for quote