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Roger Williams—I'm thrilled that Roger Williams is now the owner of a Clinesmith resonator guitar. He's one of the best players anywhere!
Ivan Rosenberg—had played Clinesmith resonator and Hawaiian guitars on tour and on several recordings.
Rob Anderlik — great dobro player from Chicago with excellent free instructional material on his website, as well as downloadable original dobro songs. Be sure to check out his site if you're learning to play dobro! Check out Rob playing a Clinesmith Hawaiian guitar on my "Listen" page.—dobro message board where you can find out everything about resos, gear, CDs, workshops, and more.
Brad Harper
The Biscuit Burners (Billy Cardine)
Planet Dobro®
Brad's Page of Steel
Jerry Douglas—amazing reso legend whose Bulletin Board is another great place to keep up on slide-related topics.
Mike Auldridge
Rob Ickes
Sally Van Meter
Orville Johnson
Randy Kohrs
LeRoy Mack
Tut Taylor
Doug Cox
Amy Gallatin and Stillwaters—another band you can catch Roger Williams playing with.

Other Links
Romero Banjos
Schertler - Swiss Made Audio Equipment
P.W. Crump Co. Fine Stringed Instruments
Dave Bertoncini Custom Guitars
Larry Cordle and Lonesome Standard Time
International Bluegrass Music Association (IBMA)
Blue Heron Softshell Cases—the best around!