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Thanks for stopping by and checkingout Todd Clinesmith resonator and steel guitars. It's a one-manoperation out here, and I recently moved from Honeydew, California to set up shop in Glide, OR. I've been playing resonator guitarsfor over a dozen years, and to further my passion for the instrument I beganbuilding in 1996. Simply put, I'm an all-around Dobro® and steel guitar fanatic, andI really believe that for tone, volume, appearance, andcraftsmanship, Clinesmiths are among the finest instrumentsavailable. Clinesmith resonator or steel guitar customers include some of the finest musicians in the business: Michael Witcher, Ivan Rosenberg, Billy Cardine, Chris Funk (of the Decemberists and Black Prarie), Bobbe Seymore, Roger Williams, "Dobro" Dick Diloff, Gene Tortora, Paul Shelaski, Ron Stanley, Jeroen Schmoll,Gerry Szostak, Mike Neer, Mike Bagwell, Kurt Kowalski, Bob Hoffnar, James Williamson, and Jussi Huhtakangas.

All of my instruments are hand crafted and made of solid woods personallychosen from thousands of board feet. My resonator guitars come in 6, 7, or 8 string models and have a deepprofile. I use a unique sound post/baffle construction instead ofthe plywood "soundwell" found in traditional resonator guitars. With sound posts transferring sound from thetop to the back, and baffles optimizing projection, the entire body ofthe guitar—along with the resonator chamber—contributes to the sound,producing superior volume and bass, and a brighter, fuller tone thatgrows as the instrument ages. I think this construction is best for bringingout the wood's tonal qualities.

Each type of wood greatly affects the tone of the instrument. I've included someblurbs about the woods on the "Models and Pricing" page, but you'realways welcome to call me at the shop to discuss options and find theinstrument that's right for you. I'll be happy to e-mail you digitalimages of the woods I have available so you can choose the pieces foryour particular guitar.

I have temporarily stopped building Hawaiian "Weissenborn-style" guitars, and instead have been focusing on building Clinesmith Steel Guitars. They are inspired by the classic instruments played by Joaquin Murphy, Speedy West, Vance Terry, and other greats. Please visit the Steel Guitar page for more information.

Feelfree to give a call if you'd like to have a low-key, no-pressure chat about my guitars—it'd begreat to hear from you!

Brown Sunburst Maple

Todd Clinesmith
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New phone number: (541) 670-7281